BUM BUM from Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift, like all the other workouts in the program is FUN. Fun but hard. BUM BUM is slang for butt in Brazil. In BUM BUM you are working you butt, hips and thighs. As with all Brazil Butt Lift workouts the production is of the highest quality. I can’t get enough of the beaches while it’s snowing outside and I can see the snow falling as I do my workout. What a mood lifter!

Leandro Carvalho starts off BUM BUM with a warm up that feels part of the workout, not separate like most workouts. It has a real dancers feel to it but is presented in a different manner which makes it feel fresh and new. Plies anyone? Plies are a great way of warming up the body and working it at the same time. As with all his workouts he starts with a move and adds on. In the warm up Plies lead to Plies with heels up this is great for giving the calves some attention too. Keeping with the dancers theme he moves on to Passé kickbacks. Every element of the warm up is designed to only warm up you muscles for the workout but to also work the BUM BUM. In fact I have a hard time distinguishing when the warm up ends and when the workout begins.

In BUM BUM Leandro introduces us to more of his unique signature moves such as the Ipanema Walk. In Ipanema Walk you begin by moving your right leg back into a lunge with arms up, right bent at 90 degrees in front of you and left arm out to the side for balance. From there you push off with your right foot while keeping your knees bent and lean your body forward slightly. Swing your right leg to the front and hold with your knee still bent, moving your arms so that the left is in bent in front of you and the right arm out to the side. Step your right foot down, count a beat and place down. Then bend into a lunge. Now do all that backwards to the starting point. Switch and doing on our other side. If you are like me you will probably need a chair, a wall, or in my case, a cat condo to place one hand on for balance. This is fine. Do this until you have mastered the Ipanema Walk.

Included in the Brazil Butt Lift package are travel and tip cards. I find these very handy on moves such as the Ipmanema Walk. Not to mention the travel will for working out while travel and no equipment needed.

One of the fun aspects of all the Brazil Butt Lift workouts is the way that Leandro will add on a shoulder move where you don’t expect one to be. This serves a purpose but also adds an element of fun and sexiness to the workouts. In BUM BUM you start with a squat and then add a shoulder roll one shoulder at a time. This helps to open the chest area and also adds some fun and innocent sexiness to the workout. This makes you feel a bit girl and not like a stripper. It’s all in good fun.

Leandro has a great capacity for adding his moves together in segments that always include compound moves and core work. Another benefit is the mental aspects of having to concentrate so you don’t fall over. At least it is for me.

BUM BUM is complete lower body workout that can stand alone in its effectiveness.

By following one of the four workout calendars and eating clean, you too will be "devine from behind" and ready that beach or poolside vacation

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