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Are you too Overwhelmed to lose weight?

What do you hear in the following statements? “I spent the whole week making brownies and working the bake sale”; “My son’s tournament lasted all weekend and there wasn’t a single healthy food choice at

the arena”; “My parents are visiting, so my sister brought her four kids for

the week.”…


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The very scary weight loss word.... Hunger

This is a very scary word for people who are about to commit to a weight loss program. I know because I hear the fear all of the time. My new clients implore me to

tell them that they will lose weight without feeling hunger pangs, and I get

that. However, you need to understand that what you perceive as hunger is

not what you think it is. Bear with me for a minute and let’s explore the

sensation you label as…


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Our deepest darkest weight loss secret....


There is something that we don’t talk about; we don’t talk about it because it’s a secret. It’s one that we all have. Some of us have quieted it down, and some of us think it’s a dark



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The Journey toward Jewelry Obsession...


Here's a little secret about me: I often do not wear jewelry. I own a lot, of which about 98% was made by me, and I have this wonderful custom jewelry box my husband commissioned in Korea when he was stationed there. But I often do not wear it.

So how does someone who does not wear jewelry become… Continue

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Weight loss basics - why Longevity is the partner to Consistency, and your success!

I love this word! At first my clients feel that it’s not easy to plan or commit to hang in for the long haul, but once they get it, they realize that the long haul is what they are going face no matter what

they weigh. It’s life changing to finally understand that you will be,

no matter what.

In my first blog I discussed the lies that we tell ourselves. I followed up with a blog on consistency and how to decide on a plan of eating and then stop thinking about food and…


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Weight loss basics - Why Consistency sees you to your goal and what it looks and feels like

So now that you have started on your New Years resolution to losing weight and taking control of your life, I just want to ask, “ Now what?” Getting started is easy, you are totally motivated, on track,

feeling strong and have come to terms with the lies that have stopped

you in the past. OK, then the next part should be easy right?

Well it is and it isn’t. Inconsistency, impatience and over-thinking it are all waiting to de-rail you.

Consistency is a word that should…


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Weight Loss Basics - In the New Year, OWN your truth

The New Year has arrived! Holiday parties are over, fresh new beginnings, and New Years resolutions get you excited to get started with your weight loss!

But what, Again? Yes, again, THIS time for the last time!

I am going to tell you why all of the other years have not worked. And why everyone thinks that this is the best time to start a weight loss program but actually it’s the hardest time to lose…


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What's Hot for Spring's Accessories

Get to know the scoop on spring's accessories. For the spring season the new way to wear metallic. The latest are rose gold accessories. A item that's making a comeback are Lucite jewelry. Lucite jewelry was huge a few year ago now the statement pieces are back. For the handbags the drawstring bucket handbag is the bag of the moment. For your necklaces you can still rock your statement necklaces. The newest outfit makers are bold bangles and chunky cuffs. The one popular color group for spring… Continue

Added by Angela Morris on February 18, 2010 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

Check Out My New Website for Aromatherapy Spa Products!!!

Aromatherapy Product Store

Hi Divas!
Here is my new website! I'm really excited to share my passion for creating Aromatherapy Spa Products! My business partner, Lauren and I have worked very hard to get it set up for customer viewing.
Let me know if you have any questions! My product line is called YogAromatherapy!


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Looking for Makeover Moms with babies or toddlers

Hi everyone-

I am looking for Makeover Moms for the Baby Expo that is happening in Chicago and Des Moines. Any Moms here that have babies or toddlers who would be interested in finding out more information? Let me know and have a great day , Kathy


Added by Kathy Martin, PhD on February 16, 2010 at 3:00pm — No Comments


LADIES!!!! had a rough week at work and nothing to show for it, tired

of your boss telling you what to do, looking for a night to RELAX ,to

be your own BOSS, well i would like to offer you that OPPORTUNITY,

where you can RELAX, be your own BOSS and teach others to the the

same. First RELAXATION be the HOSTESS of your own ARBONNE Party and

receive a FREE GIFT just for getting a few friends together for a night

of total FUN get your GUEST list back to me 2 weeks… Continue

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Comfort Food: Exactly what it isn't!

Comfort Food. This is one term that I despise. Why? Mainly because those two words are the mantra you chant when you want permission to eat all of the wrong foods. You know just what will happen when you utter, in public, the words, I had a bad day. I need some comfort food. You will instantly evoke empathy from everyone within earshot. You will get that knowing, affirming nod and probably suggestions that you try one of their poisons of choice. Mac and cheese, ice cream, fried chicken,… Continue

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Dancing Avocado Kitchen

12 February 2010

Date night. We had the most fabulous evening. A local church in our community, which we do not belong to, had the most creative idea for Valentine’s Day. They have a group for the young girls in the congregation called the Girls of Grace. They do various things around the community to help others. This month, the group held a private dinner for those in the congregation, friends, and…


Added by Maureen on February 12, 2010 at 12:50am — 2 Comments

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