Hi, I would love to have a business partner, but where do I look? Should I post an ad somewhere? Should I approach friends? Naturally, I want someone knowledgeable that I trust and respect.

Thanks for any input!

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Hi Wren,


What type of business do you have?

I think having a serious business partner would be great to have. I'm hoping to join some of the Networking Meetup groups in the Houston area so that I can meet other business minded individuals. Most people say that you should go to your "upline" if you are in network marketing however this may not always be possible and oftentimes you feel as if you are on your own. Forums like DivaCafe help us in finding others to interact with and perhaps in finding a person to person or telephone business partner.

What kind of business do you have?

    Hey Nicole, 

    How is your partner journey going? and what type of business you have?

It sort of depends on your business and who you know may possibly be a good fit or want to partner with you. I would suggest you talk with people you know first, then connect with new people to get to know them and then you can see if sharing your business with them makes sense.

Placing ads usually gets you a lot of people who want a get rich quick type of deal and usually don't stick around for the long haul. People you know and trust you are more likely to be invested to growing a business when they know they can work with you!

Hope that helps.



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